Top 5 best wedding night lingerie styles

There is no event in the life of a girl that can ever come close to the joyful and cheerful event of the wedding event. As a girl, you grew up with a dream of being a princess and your wedding day provides you an opportunity to live out your dream. Now a day, it is a common practice that a bride spends several months in planning her big day. Without any doubts, all brides want to look stunning, stylish, gorgeous, unique and a bit sexy on their wedding event when they start a new life with the prince of their dreams. Being a bride, you may spend a lot of time in selecting the best wedding gown for the big day but what about the wedding night when you are all alone with your husband. On that note, one important thing you should never overlook during the phase of your wedding planning is your wedding night dress. Yes, I am referring to wedding night lingerie.

Some incredible wedding night lingerie styles are waiting for you here.

Why wedding night lingerie so important

Wedding night lingerie is something that serves as the proverbial icing on the cake. When the relatives and friends have gone, and it is the just two of you, you will like to look as sensuous and ravishing as possible to your lovely husband. Of course, it is the best time to set an amorous and romantic mood for you and your new life partner. Exotic and stylish wedding night lingerie is the idealistic way to accomplish this. As a matter of fact, being a visual creature, man is always attracted by stylish, sexy and seductive lingerie. There is no doubt that the best wedding night lingerie will show just enough of you to keep your better half guessing about your feminine beauty. A stylish and sexy wedding night lingerie will compliment the most seductive and attractive parts of your body and provide you an air of sexy self-confidence.

Like any other occasion, wedding event brings with it a need to buy an appealing and gorgeous pair of wedding night lingerie. You must choose lingerie according to your body, mood, and comfort. It must enhance your feminine beauty and sexiness on that special night. In the past, brides have limited choices as far as bridal lingerie options are concerned. Women were supposed to be virginal and virtuous and hence there was a little liberty to think of naughty and sexy bridal wedding night lingerie. But now the tide has changed for women of today. Now a day, all the young brides look forward to seeing the naughty glint in their hubby’s eyes on seeing an exotic wedding night lingerie worn by his pretty bride.

Let me tell you about the latest styles of wedding night lingerie to add some fun and glamour to your wedding night.

Baby doll lingerie

Baby doll lingerie is considered as one of the best choices for the newlywed bride to look a bit naughty and sexy on her wedding night. The baby doll is a short sleeveless negligee with fitted bodice. It is available in different colors and fabrics along with shaped bra cups. The most important thing about the baby doll is that it looks perfect for all body size and shapes. For instance, if you are a busty lady, you must choose a baby doll lingerie with soft curves and fully shaped cups. On the other hand, if you are a small busted woman, you can use the push-up cups to enhance the beauty of your figure. Petite women should go with simple baby doll lingerie with minimum frills. If you are a large lady, you can highlight the smaller parts of your body by using the specific designing details. Pay special attention to the length of the lingerie because it must end at a proper point on your thigh according to the length of your legs.

Baby doll lingerie is adorned with bows, rhinestones, ribbons, lace and sequins. As far the fabric is concerned, the baby doll comes in various fabrics like cotton, satin, silk, chiffon, organza and even the velvet. All depends on your mood and taste.


Another good choice is the bustier. Like the baby doll, the bustier is also available in different designs, patterns, colors, and fabrics. It is good for the women with a small bust. These low-backed, strapless and long line lingerie will make you relax and comfortable on your wedding night. If you have a little tummy, or you are on a heavy side, bustier will help you to look perfect and slim. You can select a panty of the same color, or you can add up some spice by choosing a printed one.


Camisole can make any woman feel sexy. You can select a loose fitting silky or satiny camisole, or you can wear a tight nylon camisole. To increase the comfort level, you can choose a camisole with a built-in underwire bra. As far as the choice of the panty is concerned, you should go for a matching panty. Camisoles are available in both the simple and embellished stuff. Being a bride, camisole with some detailing of lace and beads is a good choice.


Teddy lingerie comes in a wide variety of styles, patterns, colors and designs. It covers both the crotch and torso. What is the best about teddy lingerie is that it will praise each inch of your curvaceous body on your wedding night. Bareback teddy lingerie can increase the sensuality and passion. These are also available in fabrics like cotton, satin, silk, and nylon, etc.


Chemise lingerie is sleeveless and short wedding night lingerie that hangs straight from the shoulders. Like all other lingerie, it is available in various colors, fabrics and pattern. It is the best choice for the brides who want to look stylish and elegant on their wedding night. After all the hectic day, you can relax by wearing a silk chemise and enjoy some great moments of your life with your life partner.

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