How to select the best Valentine’s Day lingerie?

For man and woman both Valentine’s Day has always a great significance and especially when they have their couple along with them. As a matter of fact, Valentine’s Day enhances the overall temptation and love to a higher degree, and it also provides an opportunity that makes them understand how special they are to each other. All of us want to show our love in one or another form. For instance, presenting gifts, going out for a romantic candle light dinner or wearing some special dress to impress his/her beloved, etc are some of the ways to express your love. Love exhibition is very important on Valentine’s Day. What about wearing a special dress to impress your husband, friend or lover? It is the best trick to impress your dearest one. Beautiful and lovely Valentine’s Day lingerie will not only flatter you properly but will also enhance the best features of your figure.

You need to explore almost all the styles, designs and patterns of lingerie to get the right Valentine’s Day lingerie for you. Now a day, there is ample variety of lingerie styles. Select the best Valentine’s Day lingerie that suits you the best. Whichever lingerie you wear it should make you feel comfortable and give you a stylish, hot and sexy look.

First of all, Valentine’s Day lingerie must be according to your body type, and it must compliment your curves. In this respect, you must understand your body type. Woman body type is categorized according to four shapes: Apple, banana, pear and an hourglass. However, speaking honestly, it is hard to nail down every lady’s body and place it in a particular category. But when it comes to the selection of lingerie, you must select the proper shape and style that compliments your figure naturally, and it plays a vital role in boosting your self-confidence.

From curvier thighs to heavy busts, there are particular pieces of lingerie available that enhance the beauty of individual assets and camouflage the areas of your body that you think, are awkward. By carefully selecting the right Valentine’s Day lingerie, you can increase the overall amusement and enjoyment of that special day. Let me tell you the secrets about selecting the right lingerie according to your body shape.

Valentine’s Day lingerie for Apple-shaped ladies

Apple-shaped women have more weight in their upper portion of the body as compared to the bottom. Normally, they have slender legs, but they have massive busts. V-shaped or lacy panties are a good option to draw attention to your lower parts. As far as the styles are concerned, you can wear baby doll, teddy or camisole. If you are going to wear a bra, you must choose a bra to adequately cover your upper area. The lingerie should not have any frills or embroidery on the top. Otherwise, it will further enhance your upper portion. For ladies with bustier tops should not only look for full coverage but also for a little bit fun. In this respect, you can use an underwire bra that will not only provide you a full coverage but will also give a proper shape to your breasts. Apart from that, it will also keep everything lifted and separated. In addition to that, high-waist or V-shaped panties are a good option to highlight slender legs.

Valentine’s Day lingerie for Pear-shaped ladies

Pear-shaped ladies have small busts on top with more weight in the thighs and hips. These women need A-shaped lingerie to provide full coverage to the bottom. In my opinion, they should never choose a teddy or one-piece lingerie because it will further expose the thigh and hip area. A baby doll is the best choice in this respect. As far as the selection of the panty is concerned, you must choose a panty that provides you full coverage. Chiffon and silk are the fabric that will add some spice to your lingerie. At the top, you should select lingerie with frill, embroidery or some embellishment to expose your small busts. Bandeaus are often underrated in the lingerie section because it is tough for any girl to wear them. But if you have small busts, you can take advantage by wearing bandeaus because they will create a balance between your lower and upper portion. You can wear high-waste or boy short panty with bandeaus.

Valentine’s Day lingerie for Banana-shaped ladies

Ladies with banana-shaped bodies don’t have a curvy figure. These ladies are in need to create some artificial curves with the help of lingerie. For this purpose, you should select lingerie that pushes your breasts up to create a sexy cleavage. In this respect, you can use an underwire push up bra to enhance the size of your busts. As far as the selection of panty is concerned, you must select a design with a low rise on the tummy but a high-cut on the legs. In this way, you can create a curve in your hip area.

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Valentine’s Day lingerie for hourglass-shaped ladies

Teddy or one-piece lingerie is the best choice to show-off the curvaceous body. From silk to nylon, chiffon to lace, you can use any fabric to highlight your full busts and bottoms with a smaller waist. In my opinion, you must go for tight-fitting beige, black or white lingerie to create a sensual and seductive look for your man. You can also select a tight chemise or camisole with a garter. However, with or without a garter makes no difference because these designs skim over every curve of the hip and busts with ease and sex appeal. As far as the selection of bra is concerned, you can either choose an under-wire bra or you can go braless to add some extra fun.

All in all, Valentine Day is a special occasion for you and your partner. So you must be careful about deciding the best Valentine’s Day lingerie for you to enhance your natural feminine beauty and sexiness.

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