Feel Confortable With The Right Bra Size

For most women bra shopping maybe very painful and emotionally exhausting, not to mention the costs due to the fact of wrong bra sizes. So it’s not a surprise to find that 8 out of every 10 women wear the wrong bra size. Tight budgets and time-constraints are menaces that hinder you from getting a perfectly fitting bra.

Wearing the wrong bra size can make one look droopy in case of older women or it can make one look way too bulky in case of well-endowed women. But the problem stems from ignorance. Most women are unaware that they are wearing the wrong bra size because they are routinely being sold an ill-fitting bra.

A woman undergoes certain changes in the body as she grows older. The breast tissue and body tissue change often and it gets less firm as she grows older. So the bra size changes often in line with the changes in her chest area. However, some women are not aware of these changes while some are just too constraint with time to get a proper measure.

After going through certain obvious changes in the body especially after menopause, breastfeeding or pregnant, women always need new measurements. Hence its crucial to get yourself measured by a professional fitter and know your bra size (below are collections of bra sizes in order). Although measurement could be easily done in the comfort of your home, getting yourself fit by a professional fitter comes along with an advantage as they are well informed not only about the size of your bra but also the quality and shape that suit your bosom the most.

There are certain clues staring at your face telling you that it is time to get a new bra. If your cups are running over, it is time to fill a bigger cup. If your cups dimple, get a smaller cup. If the bra rides up in the back, it means the band is too large. If the straps keep on falling out of place, it means that either your bra is too old and is all stretched out or the new bra is just not the right style for you. If the center of the bra is not lying flat against your breastbone, it’s definitely not giving your breasts the support they need.

There are different types of bra and bra sizes in order hence giving some worries to womanhood. Womanhood is beautiful and exciting and it gets better with a perfect fitting bra. A woman’s bosom is her treasure and it should be taken care of with utmost concern

The very first sight of the door that points to womanhood might send a feeling through the spine of the man of the house. This could mean a boon to most girls. Tweens and teens are in that tender age where womanhood unravels itself as they watch eagerly what this new stage of life holds for them.

It is a crucial role a mother plays when those two little bumps are first discovered. It could get a little tense and confusing for you’re your girl. Be patient, be informative and be the good mother that the pretty young being needs. As she steps into puberty, as a cool and awesome mother you are, following are the few tips you that you might want to remember during the mother-daughter bonding time at the lingerie store.


Be patient in explaining the importance of bra, the functions of different shapes and sizes. Help her get the correct measurement, which is the basic necessity in choosing the right fitting bra. Next step is to introduce her to the different options available. Check the collections of bra sizes in order below.



A training bra is meant for a girl at an early stage of breast development and who is yet to fit into a regular bra. Training bras offer minimal coverage and support, as a lot of support is not needed at an early stage of development.


Breast tissue development is a delicate process and utmost care must be given to the breasts during this stage. Sports bras offer extra protection against chafing of the nipples besides protecting the breasts from much impacts during intensive sport activities.


Strapless bras come with or without an underwire. They hug the body with a strong elastic fabric. One can also find a strapless bra with an additional padding.


Full support bras are suitable for bigger breasts as an underwire offers support thus structuring and shaping the breasts.


T-shirt bras are slightly padded and very comfortable. They come in different colors and very suitable for warmer months as they are made of cool fabric.


Push-up bras are made to give an impression of naturally full breasts, which is suitable for small-breasts. They lift the breasts and an extra padding offers a desirable shape.

With the increasing market competition, bras of different size and color with myriads of designs are now available. Finding the right bra for the little ladies is no longer a daunting task. Therefore, when puberty knocks on the door, it’s just another excuse for a shopping spree!

Bra sizes in order includes:

Size 28H, Size 28AA, Size 28A, Size 28B, Size 28C, Size 28D, Size 28DD, Size 28DDD, Size 28E, Size 28F, Size 28G, Size 30AA, Size 30A, Size 30B, Size 30C, Size 30D, Size 30E, Size 30DD, Size 30DDD, Size 30F, Size 30G, Size 30H, Size 32AA, Size 32A, Size 32B, Size 32C, Size 32D, Size 32DD, Size 32DDD, Size 32E, Size 32F, Size 32G, Size 32H, Size 34AA, Size 34A, Size 34B, Size 34C, Size 34D, Size 34DD, Size 34DDD, Size 34E, Size 34F, Size 34G,Size 34H,Size 36AA, Size 36A, Size 36B, Size 36C, Size 36D, Size 36DD, Size 36E, Size 36DDD, Size 36F, Size 36G, Size 36H, Size 38A, Size 38B, Size 38C, Size 38D, Size 38DD, Size, 38DDD, Size 38E, Size 38F, Size 38G, Size 38H, Size 40A, Size 40B, Size 40C, Size 40D, Size 40DD, Size 40DDD, Size 40E, Size 40F, Size 40G, Size 40H, Size 42B, Size 42C, Size 42D, Size 42DD, Size 42DDD, Size 42E, Size 42F, Size 42G, Size 42H, Size 44C, Size 44D, Size 44DD, Size 44DDD, Size 44E, Size 44F, Size 44G, Size 44H, Size 46C, Size 46D, Size 46DD, Size 46E, Size 46F, Size 46G, Size 46H, Size 48C, Size 48D, Size 48DD, Size 48DDD, Size 48G.

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